As you can read by scrolling down to Tropaion’s latest posts on the Orphic life’s Testimonies, there is a strict dogmatic ascetic life for those who wished to have a pure life and eventually to escape from the “condemned” unspotted circle of lives (reincarnation).

Food and other product which derived from animals is impure, not because animals are polluted by any means but, because, humans must not immorally extract anything from other leaving beings or even use / consume these things.

As Plato stated clearly here (6.782c) the “Orphic life” is a life strictly attached to inanimate and not animate lives.

I tried to find and post any available material that has to do with the “Orphic life” and especially with the Orphic customs on food and clothing. I decided not to include the Orphic view on sexual intercourse, marriage and human relations. This can be a completely different project (series of posts) which can also include some thoughts and material for comparison throughout the Orphic tradition.

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