The eminent Greek tetralogy by Martha Graham returns for the first time in her new, renewed and completed form in Greece. The "Team of Dance of Martha Graham" will visit Thessalonica and Athens, after her last appearance in Greece in 1993, in order to present the Fables of Ancient Greece. In the 22, 23, and 24 September in the Palace Music of Thessalonica and in 26 and 27 September in the Herodion in Athens the team will present Martha Graham’s choreographies, inspired from the Greek mythology.

The "Soul of Abyss" which is a representation of the Medea’s fable, following the "Wandering in the Labyrinth” which is the story of Ariadne and of Minotaur, "In the house of Atrea” is scenes depiction from the Klytaimistra and "Drawings from the Chronicle” is praise towards Democracy. The retrospection in the past becomes real with the narration of Grigoris Baltenou and Felaretis Komninos.

This year is a remembrance of Graham’s 113th years from her birth and 15th from her death. She was considered worldwide as the absolute dancer and chorographer of the 20th century and the mother of modern dance. For her enormous artistic value Martha Graham was recognized as an "insightful" personality and her name was placed next to authors and schoolteachers. She, also, influenced the contemporary depiction of the Greek mythology.

The events are taken place under the aegis of ministry of Tourist Growth-Greek Tourist Organisation, Cultural Organism of Municipality of Athens, Municipality of Thessalonica, Embassy of USA in Athens and the American General Consulate in Thessalonica.

Source: Translated: Tropaion