We are now very close to the end – which is actually the end of beginning – for our small Epidaurian Hymns or the Sacred Poetry. Sacred Poetry is a ‘storage’ of hymns based in Epidauros – and believed that was constructed the third century. You can find the previously posted hymns, with their commentary, here in Tropaion (hymn: ‘to all the Gods’, ‘to Athena Pallas’, ‘to Pan’, ‘to Hygeia’). The current hymn is of the Mother of All Gods (IG IV²,1 131). There is no commentary because the hymn is available without intermissions to its text.

[Ματρ θεν].

[ Μναμοσνας κ]ρ̣αι | δερ’ λθ̣ε̣τ̣’ []|-

π’ ραν | κα μοι συναεσατε | τν

Ματρα τν θεν, | ς λθε πλανω̣μ̣[]-

να | κατ’ ρεα κα νπας, | σρουσ’ βρ̣[τ]α[ν]

κμαν, | κ̣α̣τωρημνα(!) φρνας. |

Ζες δ’ σιδν ναξ | τν Ματρα τν

θεν, | κεραυνν βαλλε #⁵⁶ κα | τ

τμπαν’ λμβανε #⁵⁶ | πτρας διρρησσε #⁵⁶


κα | τ τμπανλμβανε #⁵⁶. | "Μτηρ,

πιθες θεος, | κα μ κατρη π̣λ̣α̣ν̣[], |

μ σε(!) χαροπο λον|τες πολιο

λκοι" #⁵⁶ | "κα οκ πειμι(!) ες θεος, |

ν μ τ μρη λβω, | τ μν μισυ


οραν, | τ δ μισυ γαας, | v

πντω τ τρτον μρος· | χοτως

πελεσομαι." | χαρ’ μεγλα |

[ν]ασσα Μτερ λμπω.