Jean-Pierre Vernant died on Tuesday the 9th of January, in his residence, in Sevres (the Top-of-Seine). His work was a pure and virtues glance on the world of ancient Greece. He was a great academic mind, started his writings on CNRS (1948), then at the practical School of the high studies (1958) and then with the College of France (1975), had just been 93 years old.

His love and admiration of the ancient Greek world can been seen clearly at his less paradoxical than it appears words that he was trying “to be Greek with-inside self”.

In his way of thinking and his depiction of sensitivity, that it retained the lessons of which he was made: a) the requirement of a total independence of mind, whose critical screen neither dogma nor prohibited recognizes, b) the love towards participation of the individual in a community of equals which makes the man as much as possible a virtues citizen, and an extreme c) fascination for the beauty of the world.

He was a true untiring frontier runner!