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The concepts of miasma and purification are troubling especially when relate to magic and ghosts. Miasma, evidently, is a substance of iniquity, or matter of wrong doing which in fact explains the need of purification from magic. It is also evident that miasma is also been considered the dead matter including spirits of the dead or the dying or dead matter. There is, as a result, a needed separation in between the conditions of life and death, which are in fact part of dissimilar realms. If these realms meet under circumstance that can be addressed only as magical interference seems that in numerous occasions are harmful for its other. The generation of miasma is the result of such encounters as in effect are generated by malevolence actions such as magic. I do wish, therefore, to underline that the contact with magic and ghosts was an important issue for the civil religion. It is obvious that matters which Theophrastus called superstition was in fact an everyday concern for a great number of Greeks.

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